The Healing Power of Touch

We all know the importance of holding, soothing and talking to our babies in order to not only develop that parental bond, but to also support their overall development.

So many parents who attend my classes attend because they not only want a beneficial activity to do with their baby whilst developing their bond, but many also attend because their babies have a particular ailment or illness that they hope learning to massage will help alleviate some of the side-effects or symptoms of these problems; such as colic, teething etc.

Recent research and studies support this theory, with new evidence to suggest that touch, in particular, stroking your baby can actually act as a pain reliever. How amazing is that?

An article from the BBC this week stated “Touch seems to have analgesic potential without the risk of side-effects.” and “If we can better understand the neurobiological underpinnings of techniques like infant massage, we can improve the advice we give to parents on how to comfort their babies.”

This just goes to show how powerful touch is to our babies and how incredibly beneficial baby massage can be for the baby, the parents, and any pain or discomfort baby may be feeling – what an incredible skill to learn!

You can read the full BBC article here. 


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