Sleep Benefits of Baby Massage

As we have discussed in previous blogs, there are countless benefits to baby massage. But did you know baby massage can also support and aid a positive sleeping pattern for your baby?

Because of the holistic approach that baby massage adopts and the overall benefits to a baby’s health and wellbeing, many parents report that once a massage routine has been established, there are noticeable improvements in their baby’s sleep pattern too.

Baby massage improves positive interactions between baby and caregiver, thus having a positive impact on both baby and carer’s wellbeing which instantly relaxes both parties and developing an even stronger bond.

Similarly, as we have discussed in previous blogs, baby massage can support babies in coping with and reducing the symptoms of many common childhood ailments such as colic, reflux and constipation and as these symptoms subside, and the baby becomes familiar with the massage routine and strokes, the quality of their sleep should improve as a result.


Incorporating baby massage into your baby’s bedtime routine is a great way to calm and relax your baby and begin to get them into the sleep state needed for a restful and un-disturbed sleep.

As fantastic as it is that baby massages supports a positive sleep pattern in your baby, do remember that if your baby enjoys the massage so much that they fall asleep, stop massaging and allow them to rest.

Massage should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience for both you and your baby and so is worth persevering  with even if your child initially doesn’t take to it, keep trying and eventually the incredible benefits will be evident….. (and hopefully you’ll get some sleep too!)


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