Baby Massage Sussex is owned and run by me, Victoria Rose Carless.

I am a qualified nursery nurse and beauty therapist, and as the only named supplier for the children and family centre’s of baby massage in West Sussex have been delivering baby massage for over 9 years. I trained with the International Association of Infant Massges (IAIM) and am registered as one of their Certified Infant Massage Instructors. I am fully up to date with all enhanced DBS security checks.

I have worked with many local Children and Family Centre’s delivering baby massage classes to a wide range of families from those who wish to learn about baby massage for pleasure and bonding, to those who have been referred to me by midwives, health visitors, family outreach workers and social services.

Vikki bio picI completely understand that whilst having a new baby is a special time, it can also be challenging, especially when things don’t go to plan or how you imagined them to be. The experience I have gained over the years as a therapist, baby massage instructor and mother of three has been invaluable to me in finding a job I love and seeing with my own eyes how baby massage can change and enhance a family and help them to relax, bond and really enjoy parenthood.

Through this blog, I hope to support you all as you journey through early parenthood, offering advice, anecdotes from my experiences whilst also teaching you the benefits of Baby Massage and how this and the methods we use can support you and your baby with so many common ailments and illnesses whilst promoting parental bonding.